sexta-feira, 29 de junho de 2012

Ebook: Signal Processing

Signal processing is a field of applied mathematics that study the operations and analysis of signals.


    The signal is a function that represent a physical quantity or a variable containing information of a phenomenon. Mathematically, a signal is represented as a function in a independent variable t (time) and express like by X(t). The signal can be continuous or discrete.

Example:(signal pulse). Let a > 0, the signal of pulse p a ( t )   unidimentional is a signal of constant intensity and finite duration. This signal is represented by the function:
p a ( t ) = if   t     a ; 0 if t < a ; p_{a}(t) = left lbrace binom{1 ~ if ~ abs{t} ~ >= ~ a;}{0 ~ if ~ abs{t} ~ < ~ a; } right rbrace

Below twoo link for ebooks about Signal Processing.
(Abaixo dois links para ebook sobre processamento de sinais.)

1. Signal Processing for Communications; (
2. DSP Guide(Digital Signal Processing). (

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