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Python: Image Processing with numpy, PIL (Python Image LIbrary) and PythonMagick

Below an example code with numpy and PIL for manipulate image.
Create it code and save like in directory.

import numpy, Image
import os

"""Combine two image with a factor"""
def addImages(img1, img2, factor):
    #Convert to object type Image opened with to array with numpy.
    M, N = numpy.array(img1), numpy.array(img2)
    #Type of value in M and N is uint8 that the type returned
    #by when open and create the object image.
    A = M.astype('float')
    B = N.astype('float')
    #Combine the two images with the factor defined for user.
    I = (A+B)/factor
    #Return image. Before convert I in 'uint8' again and change
    #for from array to image.
    return Image.fromarray(I.astype('uint8'))

Examples for use of this module

import blend
img1 =
img2 =
#Resize image to ok combine.
I1 = img1.resize(x,y)
I2 = img2.resize(x,y)
#Combine with function in blend
I = blend.addImages(I1, I2, 2)
#Show image
#Save your image created.

Result bellow(the images that i use was get in wikimedia in



I - combine img1 and img2 with factor=2

For use PythonMagick,

import PythonMagick

#Open file of image
I = PythonMagick.Image("/home/wandeson/Imagens/pathera_onca.jpg")
#View image
#Apply filter of oil paint

The result for oil paint effect in image is bellow

Links for other examples, docs, sources:

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