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Hack Space

Hackerspace Global Grid

"As proposed on CCCamp11 we need our own infrastructure and space program. HGG's aim is to develop a modular antenna grid for satellite communication.
Vision: The hacker community needs a fallback infrastructure in case of natural and economic disaster to stay connected.
Long term goal: Design and build a modular terrestrial base-station for satellite communication. Based on open-source hard- and software as well as open standards.
Short term goal: Gain insight into the nature, protocols and security features of satellite <> earth communication. Build a working prototype of a modular receiver station with networking capabilities. Provide interfaces to existing high performance computing platforms (GPU-based and similar systems)."


アート自由川: トレーラーでのPhysXのGPUのGeForce GTXの資源のデモンストレーション

アート自由川: トレーラーでのPhysXのGPUのGeForce GTXの資源のデモンストレーション: 主にハードウェアアクセラレーションのPhysXの効果を中心に、ビデオは、PhysXの効果が有効と無効の状態でゲームからいくつかのシーンを比較します。

Demonstration of resources of gpu GeForce GTX with PhysX in Trailer

Primarily focusing on Hardware-Accelerated PhysX effects, the video compares several scenes from the game with PhysX effects enabled and disabled.

Twinkle - Real World game interface

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Tip Article : Fluid Simulation for Games

"Video games appeal to our desire to explore and interact with our environment, and adding real-world phenomena-such as fluid motion-allows game developers to create immersive and fun virtual worlds. Recently, physical simulations have become more realistic, but the simulations have largely been limited to rigid bodies. Pervasive simulations of continuous media like cloth and fluids remain uncommon, largely because fluid dynamics entail conceptual and computational challenges that make simulating fluids difficult. This article begins a series that explains fluid dynamics and its simulation techniques. The series culminates in an example of a fluid simulation algorithm suitable for use in a video game." by Intel

In Intel webpage you can to see article about fluid simulation for games. The link for webpage be below.

Article "Fluid Simulation for Video Games"

Computer Graphics - GPU

List of links for GPU resources, books and development. And free ebooks about computer graphics and programming for GPU.

1. AMD Developer & GPUs
2. Intel Visual Computing
3. Nvidia Developer
4. Nvidia CG Tutorial
5. Nvidia GPU Programming Guide
6. Nvidia - GPU Gems Part I
7. Nvidia - GPU Gems Part II
8. Nvidia - GPU Gems Part III

Tutorial and Books about OpenCL

OpenCL(Open Computing Language) is a framework for writing programs for heterogeneous platforms consisting of CPUs, GPUs and others processors.
List texts, tutorial and books about OpenCL.

1. FixStars Free Online Book about OpenCL
2. Khronos - OpenCL - Especifications
3. (português)
4. Nvidia OpenCL
5. Intel SDK OpenCL
6. AMD OpenCL
7. IBM OpenCL

(soon more resources. If you know some text, tutorial and free online book about opencl put your comment and tip.)

Tutorial about OpenGL

List of webpages with tutorial about opengl.

1. XOAX OpenGL (with video lectures tutorial)
2. NeHe
3. OpenGL Tutorial (portugues)
4. UCSS Tutorial OpenGL

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Dicas: Criando redes Sociais e Banco de Dados

Neste post hoje publicarei algumas dicas de materiais sobre programação para web. Sendo mais especifico para criação de banco de dados com MySQL e criação redes sociais. Abaixo vê-se um video sobre a criação de redes sociais com o ELGG um framework gratuito que serve para implementação de redes sociais.

Elgg - Crie sua rede social - Vídeo 1 por weeby no

Mais informações pode serem vistas em um artigo em

A dica de tutorial para banco de dados MySQL é um artigo bastante completo sobre o tema que pode ser visto no site Viva Linux.

0. Instalando Apache, MySQL e PHP no Debian Linux
1. Apostila de Html, CSS e Javascript
2. Java para Desenvolvimento Web
3. Apostila de Curso PHP MySQL Servidor de Banco de Dados
4. PHP MySQL Básico
5. SQL Magazine Apostilas
6. Apostilas de Linguagens usadas para Criar Sites 
7. Ebook gratuito sobre python (Python para Desenvolvedores. Inclui informações e dicas no uso de python na web)
8. (Download do interpretador da linguagem python e documentação)
9. Python Brasil (Comunidade contendo dicas e tutoriais em português sobre python.)

Mais apostilas podem ser encontrarados pelo Google ou em

Recomendações: Para interessados em programação para web recomendo buscar tutoriais de html, javascript, php, mysql, java e python de acordo com suas necessidades interesses.

Espero que seja útil aos leitores. E quem tiver outras sugestões só enviar-me deixando seu comentário. Boas festas e bênçãos a todos.

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Superhuman - Exoskeleton

"A powered exoskeleton, also known as powered armor, or exoframe, is a powered mobile machine consisting primarily of an exoskeleton-like framework worn by a person and a power supply that supplies at least part of the activation-energy for limb movement." (Source Wikipedia)

On September 23, 2010, Clark Gregg - the actor known for this recurring role as Agent Phil Coulson in Marvel Studios' Iron Man movies - visited the Raytheon Sarcos research lab in Salt Lake City, Utah (USA), for the unveiling of the company's wearable XOS 2 robotics suit...

Links  (russian language)

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GLUT Tutorial

GLUT Tutorial

Tutorial about library GLUT stand for OpenGL toolkit for graphics
application and computer graphics in

MIT launches online learning initiative - MIT News Office

MIT launches online learning initiative - MIT News Office
"MIT today announced the launch of an online learning initiative internally called “MITx.” MITx will offer a portfolio of MIT courses through an online interactive learning platform that will:
  • organize and present course material to enable students to learn at their own pace
  • feature interactivity, online laboratories and student-to-student communication
  • allow for the individual assessment of any student’s work and allow students who demonstrate their mastery of subjects to earn a certificate of completion awarded by MITx
  • operate on an open-source, scalable software infrastructure in order to make it continuously improving and readily available to other educational institutions.
MIT expects that this learning platform will enhance the educational experience of its on-campus students, offering them online tools that supplement and enrich their classroom and laboratory experiences. MIT also expects that MITx will eventually host a virtual community of millions of learners around the world."

What is MITx? - MIT News Office

What is MITx? - MIT News Office

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String-theory calculations describe 'birth of the universe' -

String-theory calculations describe 'birth of the universe' -
Researchers in Japan have developed what may be the first string-theory model with a natural mechanism for explaining why our universe would seem to exist in three spatial dimensions if it actually has six more. According to their model, only three of the nine dimensions started to grow at the beginning of the universe, accounting both for the universe's continuing expansion and for its apparently three-dimensional nature.


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アート自由川: 科学者は生命にマンモスをもたらすことに近いです。

アート自由川: 科学者は生命にマンモスをもたらすことに近いです。: 日本とロシアの科学者たちは、シベリアのマンモスからDNAのサンプルです。材料は、研究者が可能な約12,000年前に絶滅した動物のクローニングを行うとなる、完璧だった。 しかし、プロジェクトは、クローン動物で何がなされるべきかについての倫理的な問題を提起する。さらに、もちろん、...

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Python: Image Processing with numpy, PIL (Python Image LIbrary) and PythonMagick

Below an example code with numpy and PIL for manipulate image.
Create it code and save like in directory.

import numpy, Image
import os

"""Combine two image with a factor"""
def addImages(img1, img2, factor):
    #Convert to object type Image opened with to array with numpy.
    M, N = numpy.array(img1), numpy.array(img2)
    #Type of value in M and N is uint8 that the type returned
    #by when open and create the object image.
    A = M.astype('float')
    B = N.astype('float')
    #Combine the two images with the factor defined for user.
    I = (A+B)/factor
    #Return image. Before convert I in 'uint8' again and change
    #for from array to image.
    return Image.fromarray(I.astype('uint8'))

Examples for use of this module

import blend
img1 =
img2 =
#Resize image to ok combine.
I1 = img1.resize(x,y)
I2 = img2.resize(x,y)
#Combine with function in blend
I = blend.addImages(I1, I2, 2)
#Show image
#Save your image created.

Result bellow(the images that i use was get in wikimedia in



I - combine img1 and img2 with factor=2

For use PythonMagick,

import PythonMagick

#Open file of image
I = PythonMagick.Image("/home/wandeson/Imagens/pathera_onca.jpg")
#View image
#Apply filter of oil paint

The result for oil paint effect in image is bellow

Links for other examples, docs, sources:

Video: Nvidia - Introduction to CUDA 4.1