quarta-feira, 23 de novembro de 2011

Free Online Courses

The Stanford University offered their most popular courses online and free.

This time they’re offering 7 computer science courses:

Computer Science 101 http://www.cs101-class.org/
Machine Learning (one of the offerings this past fall) http://jan2012.ml-class.org/
Software as a Service http://www.saas-class.org/
Human-Computer Interaction http://www.hci-class.org/
Natural Language Processing http://www.nlp-class.org/
Game Theory http://www.game-theory-class.org/
Probabilistic Graphical Models http://www.pgm-class.org/
Cryptography http://www.crypto-class.org/

And two entrepreneurship courses:
The Lean Launchpad http://www.launchpad-class.org/
Technology Entrepreneurship http://www.venture-class.org/

Source: http://www.uncollege.org/archives/1441

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