sexta-feira, 30 de setembro de 2011

Computer Controlled Orchestra - Computador controla Orquestra

"Inspired by the animated music video Pipe Dream by Animusic, Intel Embedded Computing engineers teamed up with Austin-based Sisu to turn that animation into a real computerized paint ball orchestra. The Intel Industrial Control in Concert piece was unveiled at the Intel Developer Forum in September 2011. Built with seven Intel Atom processors, running three different operating systems, security camera system, sensors, touchscreen and other technologies, the project was completed in just 90 days at a cost of about $160,000."

Animusic - Pipe Dream

Animusic - Pipe Dream II

Video Aulas de matemática e outros - Video Lectures in Mathematics and others

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Free material of courses for study.
Material online gratuito para estudo. e english) (English)

segunda-feira, 26 de setembro de 2011

OpenCloth - implementing cloth simulation algorithms in OpenGL

Algorithms in opengl for simulation of cloth.

"Introducing an OpenGL based cloth simulation code base. We implement all of the existing cloth simulation algorithms in as simplistic an approach as possible so that learners may know exactly what is needed to get a cloth simulation system up and running in OpenGL with a minimum of fuss. OpenCloth project has been initiated with a view that it may help beginners and researchers alike to implement the basic algothims for cloth simulation using OpenGL API. It is not intended as another library that you can plugin into your game engine directly. Rather, you can learn from it and then implement a technique or two in you own game/physics engine. With a little bit of effort, it should be straight forward to implement the discussed algorithms on other platforms and Graphics API. Focus is on how to handle the bare minimum required to implement the techniques. Rather than wrapping code into classes, we implement the whole code in a single source file."

See algorithms in OpenCloth page.

Explicit Euler integration


Curso a distância de openMP pelo CESUP-UFRGS

Será realizado entre os dias de 11 até 24 de Outubro curso sobre o uso
de openMP. Serão abordados conceitos básicos de Computação de Alto Desempenho e de programação paralela com o padrão OpenMP.

Mais detalhe podem ser visto aqui

Uma lista de cursos estão em, entre os cursos a distâncias também estão o de MPI e Fortran 90/95 (estes sem data de inicio divulgados)

domingo, 25 de setembro de 2011

Artificial Intelligence Course Free Online - Based on Stanford course

Will start on 10 October an online course on Artificial Intelligence. To participate you must register on the site . The course instructors will be the authors of the book Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, Sebastian Thrun and Peter Norvig. This course is based on the course Introduction to Artificial Inteligêcia offered at Stanford University in the United States

Curso de Inteligência artificial online gratuito - Baseado em curso de Stanford

Será iniciado em 10 de Outubro um curso online sobre Inteligência Artificial. Para participar é necessário cadastrar-se no site O curso terá como instrutores os autores do livro Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, Sebastian Thrun and Peter Norvig. Este curso é baseado no curso de Introdução a Inteligêcia Artificial oferecido na Universidade de Stanford nos Estados Unidos.